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Guaranteed to save money while improving vendor copier agreements!*

Copier Buyer Guides

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Levels of Service

All products include ROI tips and strategies!

CBG™ Pro


Billed $99.00/yr.

CBG™ Silver


Billed $249.00/yr.

CBG™ Gold


Billed $499.00/yr.

(Best value!)

CBG™ Platinum Virtual Training


Billed $999 per 2 hours

Current Cost Discovery

(Financing formula disclosure, lease rate factors and residual percentages explained)

RFP20+™ Request For Proposal Guide

Lite Version 20+ questions buyers should be asking.

Designed to enable successful negotiations.

(Templates available in

Word, .Pdf and Excel)


RFP40+™ Request For Proposal Guide 

Full Version 40+ Critical questions every should be asking but isn’t!

A deep dive into seller’s secrets!

(Templates available in

Word, .Pdf and Excel)



Fair Vendor Comparison Form (Excel format)

A tool to equally and fairly compare vendors


Needs Analysis

(Buyer centric, defines needs, accessories, volumes, etc.)

Live Support

Up to 2 hours of unbiased, vendor-neutral training

Phone, email or video conferencing

Approximate Quantity of Devices

1-2 copiers & possibly a few desktop printers

3-10 copiers & multiple desktop printers

11-20 copiers & multiple desktop printers

21-30 copiers & too many desktop printers

Estimated Range of Contractual Obligation

$6,000 – $30,000

$30,000 – $60,000

$60,000 – $120,000


Projected Net Savings





*This guarantee is for the Pro, Silver and Gold Packages and is based on a minimum current monthly lease payment of $100.00 and the buyer implementing the information provided.