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To the copier/printer buyers across the U.S.A.

Our passion crosses all vertical markets nationally regardless if you are a for profit company or a non-profit organization. This Copier Buyer Guide™ was intentionally developed so the copier and/or printer buyer would have the appropriate and necessary information to easily make an informed decision when discussing options being proposed by the copier/printer sales reps....

Copier Frustrations?

You’re not alone!  Our proprietary best in class procurement process is simple and a must for every copier buyer!  The Copier Buyer Guide™ RFP40+  will reveal 40 plus questions to ask your sales rep!

Welcome the Copier Buyer Guide!

Want to save $1,000s of dollars on your in-house printing? Our independent buyer centric copier buying guide is designed to provide a transparent low cost solution for the copier buyer.  Our products reveal facts, formulas and industry information that will save you money and even the playing field when negotiating copiers. Simply put, we’ll reveal...