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We want you the copier buyer to be informed – never influenced!

Why is this Copier Buyer Guide™ important to you?

That’s easy…because it’s designed to save you money and lots of it!

Copier Consulting, LLC™ began in 2010 and as a result we’ve saved our clients over $2,000,000! So, with that in mind, in 2020 we created a simple Do It Yourself (DIY) series of 40+ questions every copier buyer wants to ask their sales rep. Additionally, our vendor comparison tool guides the copier buyer when comparing all proposals.

Plus we can be there with you along the way via phone, email or video conferencing.  Our Platinum Package provides blocks of 2 hours of pre-paid support if needed. Likewise we believe this guide will clarify, simplify and amplify your office budget.

Most importantly, based on our 27+ years in the copier industry, we designed this Copier Buyer Guide™ as a virtual procurement tool for today’s busy copier buyer. It is a simple yet detailed independent and vendor-neutral tool intended solely for the buyer. In conclusion, “Our mission is to expose omissions!”

We're vendor-neutral subject matter specialists
We have no hidden agendas
Never paid by the dealer or manufacturer
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Why is this Copier Buyer Guide™ important to you?

Guaranteed to save money while improving vendor copier agreements!*

Copier Buyer Guides

Vision and Mission

Our vision is to educate and positively impact every copier buyer nationally! Our mission is to save the copier buyer money and improve their copier buying experience by sharing our industry training and experiences.

We’ll provide the necessary questions, tools and assistance for all the different sizes of today’s copiers and laser printers! For the past 12 years we’ve represented the buyer by directly asking the copier vendors 40+ questions per case resulting in nearly $2,000,000 in financial savings for our clients.* The majority of this new found money provided more working capital for our clients and did not end up in the seller’s pockets.

We are now making these tools available to you the copier buyer and believe this virtual procurement process will empower your vendor negotiations. We’ll leave it up to you if you think your rep should be paid more.

When we ask the right questions at the right time for the right reasons we save money, improve contractual terms and conditions all while eliminating wasted spend!

*Note: These floor standing copiers have features, benefits and productivity factors that remained the same or improved.

Let's Clarify
Copier Contract

There’s one obvious elephant in this room… we all know the seller almost always knows more than the buyer. It’s also likely your copier contract lacks full disclosures and is void of complete transparency.

Isn’t it true we don’t know what we don’t know? It’s not likely we can be a specialist at everything.

An often unknown risk a copier buyer finds themselves involved in is not fully understanding the tri-fecta of behind the scenes communications and raw data shared between the sales rep, servicing dealer channels and leasing companies. 3 against 1 is not only unfair it can be very frustrating & challenging to get to the truth!

Not having the most suitable advice, guidance and training in copier negotiations routinely results in a buyer signing a non-cancellable and irrevocable contract that can cost many $1,000s and maybe $10s of $1,000s of wasted money – well, it may not really be wasted it simply went into the seller’s pocket! If you want to retain some of this money you’re on the right website.

We’ve leveraged 27+ years of copier industry training and deep knowledge of copier selling techniques to guide our clients to significant savings. Our proprietary tools and remote personal guidance are now available to you the copier buyer as you negotiate with your vendor.


Full disclosure

Using these tools our clients have been able to save money while acquiring copier devices equal to or better than they had in their previous contract. Why is that? It’s simple, we know what questions to ask, when to ask them and we share that information.

In almost all cases spend is reduced, contractual language improved and overall waste eliminated.

Over the past 12 years as a copier buyer advocate we’ve seen and heard from a lot of our clients all across the United States. We continually collect and share critical raw data while making improvements to our processes.

This is always evolving! The daily buy/sell culture of copiers is intentionally confusing and tends to look like a moving target. Our buyer clients are often very surprised at the amount of information we reveal!

With that in mind we created this Do It Yourself (DIY) Copier Buyer Guide™ including 40+ questions and our proprietary data compilation tools. We are now offering our Copier Buyer Guide™ to you.


You may be thinking 40+ questions? Are you serious? There are really that many to consider? Yes, yes and yes!

  • You’re likely to get your questions answered but did you ask all of the important questions? Many buyers simply are not sure what to ask. We’re here to help you!

Absent knowing every aspect of the vendor’s pricing leaves room for paying too much and/or price escalations down the road. There’s no turning back once you sign the contract. No grace periods. No oversight committee. Period.

As stated above our mission is to expose omissions and reveal hidden costs within the copier lease and service contracts. Remember not asking the right questions at the right time for the right reasons can cost you money! Let us help!

  • Let’s face it – you do what you do very well, it’s your job. Our DIY Copier Buyer Guide™ is intended to compliment your work by providing you our proprietary tools and support. We believe this will save you money, time and empower your negotiations while delivering meaningful results.

Copier spend is exponential. Managing assets can be very costly.


Easy 4-Step Virtual Procurement Process

This guide is built for procurement professionals and beginners regardless of location or quantity of devices and will improve your negotiation power and can even the playing field. If you spend at least $100 or more monthly on a copier and leverage this guide, we believe you will save time and money negotiating your next copier!
Step One
Ask the vendors 40+ important questions
Step Two
Equally compare all vendor options in our Vendor Comparison Tool
Step Three
Decide on what vendor to work with
Step Four
Invest your savings in other important projects
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I consider them having unprecedented integrity within this industry in terms of reference checking and honest feedback about candidates.
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