How do you Feel About Your Copier Lease Contract?

If your efforts to acquire photocopier equipment have been too time consuming, frustrating and expensive, let us help you with our virtual office equipment procurement process.

Based on over 27+ years industry experience our independent Copier Buyer Guide™ was developed with you the copier buyer in mind. We have experience, knowledge and a passion to provide the copier buyer vendor neutral guidance.

Our vision is to share our industry expertise with all copier buyers to help save money, time and frustration while under contract and during vendor negotiations.

This unique resource is a simple yet detailed process to ensure fair and reasonable contracts and pricing. We’ll reveal 40+ questions every buyer should be asking and provide tools to equally compare vendors.


Copier Buyer Guides

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Simple & Easy Savings Estimator

Grab a coffee and your lease contract…


  • Term
  • Monthly Payment
  • Lease Structure (end of lease requirement – FMV or $1.00)
  • Residual Amount

(10% is fine for now if you don’t know it.  It’s possible your rep never disclosed it)

If the Savings Projection range intrigues you, let’s talk!

Saving Projection Calculator
What is your copier lease term?
What is your lease payment?
What is the lease structure as?
What is the residual amount factored in your lease?

Our Explainer Videos for Your Help

Monthly payments are principal or loan amounts multiplied by rate factors the copier reps rarely disclose.

Copier Lease Rate Factors

Requirement - loan amount, residual value, monthly payment and monthly term.

Copier Interest Rate Discovery

Required Information

Example: For a common 60 month, Fair Market Value Lease (FMV) use the following from above.

Monthly Payment

Lease Term

Residual Amount

Original Loan Amount/ Principal Financed

(Historical interest rates range from 9%-22%)

Compare this to your truth in lending document from your vendor. If you did not receive financing formulas from your vendor - request it. This will be helpful in calculating your spend.

Copier Buyer Guides

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